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stray bullet by futprints
This is an action-packed story. But be warned… it does not follow the conventional plot. READ >>>

gettin' paid by nyaede
The razor paused mid-air. She absolutely hated cutting his hair now. But she hated it even more when he shaved all his hair off and went for the "skin" (clean-shaven) look. READ >>>

revenge of the mummy by futprints
I found most of my limbs dangling from a sort of pulley system after my eyelids managed to peel themselves away from crusted and clotted blood. I felt stiff and heavy. Where on earth was I? As if in answer, the room was suddenly lit by rays of white celestial light when a door opened and footsteps approached... READ >>>

A Diary: About A Boy
This is happiness...
"... the endless possibilities of it all - and I was filled with joy, and I thought, 'this is the beginning of happiness!' (rueful laugh) I did not realize that that moment was happiness. It wasn’t the beginning - it was!"
READ >>>
Cidersweet: Sponsored blog-site
- (Uh-oh! Is that a hiss that just escaped her lips?! And is she really folding her hands across her chest in this I’m-ready-to-fight way? That… doesn’t really go with the kneeling pose). But she’s past caring anyway; of all the one hundred and ninety nine students, he picks on her. Lai-lai, today is today! READ >>>
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